Thursday, 26 April 2012

Emergency Broad Bean Dip

Excellent green mush
God bless the freezer. Where would we be without it? There would be no little parcels of bolognese to save us when we stagger home far too late on a school night. No Tupperware boxes of delight waiting for us when we just can't be arsed to cook. And no-where for me to store the copious red-stickered packets of meat that were so barginous the Boyfriend just couldn't resist (20p off, you only saved 20p!!!). The freezer also creates a home for frozen peas and broad beans. I've never been a fan of any other frozen veg, I think they taste funny and it's hardly difficult to hack up a few bits of broccoli is it? Anywaaay it is these frozen peas and beans which I so often turn to, when I am in need of a quick pre-dinner nibble. I overdosed on home made hummus last year and now am overdosing on this, broad bean and pea dip.

Feeds as many as you like, quantities are very vague. Taste as you go, there are no real rules. This is a rebellious canape.

Boil a couple of handfuls of broad beans and peas, or one or the other, for a few minutes. Drain, and put in the wizzer with a handful of grated Parmesan (feta also works well), juice of a lemon, some mint (basil also works), a clove or two of garlic, some chillie, a very big glug of extra virgin olive oil, and season. Wizz up, it should be a smoothish bright green paste, perfect for dipping. You can also smear it on bruschetta or stir it into pasta. Clever. We had it the other day as part of an Italian type spread. Laaarvely.


  1. there is something about a fresh pea and fresh broad bean that's just so out of this world though, but I agree, with frozen veg, the only one I would go for is frozen peas, just because they actually taste pretty good, as comapred to things like blocks of frozen spinach puree :/ this dip looks delicious! i love that brilliant green.and I love that you did it out of an emergency. definitely can keep this one in my bookmarks list.

  2. Thanks Shu Han, yeah it's a great one for last minute dip emergencies!

    1. actually did this one today, not out of an emergency, but because I wanted to clear the last of the frozen peas. It was great!