Saturday, 5 February 2011

Camembert Fun

Funny cheese man

You know it's not the most original thing to serve when you have your mates round, especially when one of them exclaims 'Oh I love this starter!' but I had never personally 'cooked' baked Camembert and thought it was about time. Especially when I spied a Somerset variety on offer in the supermarket. Yesss.

I googled various methods that were pretty much all the same, one would recommend stabbing the cheese with rosemary, the other with thyme, I had plenty of rosemary so stabbed a few sprigs in, using one cheese between two, it gets a bit intimate so choose your guests wisely.

I was a bit worried when all the recipes said 'take out of the wrapping and place back in wooden case'. Bugger, apparently in Somerset wooden cases aren't necesary. Then I had a genius moment and I popped them in the little terracotta dishes that pretty much everyone either buys on holiday in Portugal or gets free with tapas dishes from Waitrose. Bingo. Baked for 20 minutes,  suddenly wondered what the weird smell was, discovered it was just the cheese rind heating up, took them out, popped the top off and we all tucked in with garlic rubbed toasted ciabatta. So simple and so good. And then you get to play with the funny cheese man afterwards.

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