Friday, 25 February 2011

Super-size Me Syndrome

Apologies for lack of posts, I, and an extra half stone of me have just returned from a work related trip to Florida. Oh my god do they sort you out with some portions there. But sadly most of the food I ate had a magical sprinkling of weird synthetic-ness, even in supposedly swanky places. The best things I ate were a cheeseburger, fresh, massive and juicy and cooked to my liking, and all the food that came from the local Mexican joint, which became our lunch place each day. The fact I couldn't finish any dish from there alarmed me, I tried real hard the first time, to eat my fore-arm sized burrito (pictured), and this resulted in needing to sleep all afternoon, and chronic heart burn. Got some weird looks from the boss.

There is a strange obsession with the doggy bag in America. I have no shame in asking to take home any leftovers (rarely necessary) when eating at a Chinese or Indian restaurant, as they are kitted up for it, and its very easy to over-order (plus curry for breakfast is amazing, especially when hungover). However, EVERYONE in America does it in any restaurant. I know someone who deliberately over-orders so he can have dinner for the next night! Cunning.

You really have to watch it in America, it is so easy to get into the swing of things, you return home, looking at the perfectly sized portion on your plate, thinking 'Seriously? Is that it?!'. Two slim friends of mine were having breakfast in Miami and they left half of it as they were too full. The waiter, a big boy, looked at them in disgust and said 'Here in America we like to eat our food. You guys look sick!'. In a very polite English way they muttered their excuses and left, as the rotund waiter shouted after them 'TRY SNACKING EVERY HOUR!!!!'.

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