Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Beanz Meanz ummm not Heinz

On a normal week day, breakfast, if I manage it (those extra seconds in bed count you know), is a bowl of revolting bran flakes forced down, before I bolt out the door. Because it's healthy, and if I don't eat breakfast before I leave the house, the siren-like lure of the saturated-fat-laden mozzerella and tomato croissants at Pret become the only possible option. Never mind the little pots of healthy porridge and fruit compote, they are not contenders as far as I am concerned. Come the weekend, however, I often longingly pore over exciting and delicious morning recipes, the sophisticated brunch ideas far superior to the usual routine of bacon sarnies or soft boiled eggs. I was in a weekend breakfast rut and needed to get out of it.

It was quite simple, I just had to make one of the recipes I had stored away. So I did.

For a twist on beans on toast (for two) fry a sliced onion in olive oil until softened a bit. Add a chopped tomato (I had a really exciting green and red striped one, all that was left in Waitrose after the apocalyptic style grocery panic that a bank holiday causes), and a drained tin of cannelini beans and stir around the pan for three minutes. You don't want it to go to mush, just soften the tomato and heat the beans through. Add a tsp of red wine vinegar and season well. Toast two slices of bread (fancy pants sourdough would be nice, but normal, as I used was fine) and rub each piece of toast all over with a halved clove of garlic. Top with the beans, some chopped parsley and a nice dribble of extra virgin olive oil.

The vegetarian factor didn't impress the Boyfriend but his protests dimished significantly once he had my beans on toast in his gob.

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