Saturday, 11 June 2011

Impossible Omelettes

It's how it tastes that counts right?
Does anyone else in the universe find omelettes tricky to make? Supposedly the simplest thing in the world, quick and easy, I always find myself in an eggy mess, while everyone everyone else seems to produce beautiful golden folded omelettes with just the right amount of ooze. As someone who cooks a fair bit I know I should have mastered the art. But I haven't, and I fear it may be too late. Maybe I haven't got the right frying pan. Or maybe I'm just an egg moron.

This morning I thought I might give it another go, I looked in the fridge, decided I had sufficiently interesting fillings and got to work. A few minutes later I had a right mess going on, it had stuck to the pan, no chance of folding it over, but as it hadn't quite burnt, I mushed it all together, cooked it through and it tasted great, and it reassured me that it's what it tastes like that counts. You could make this with anything, chorizo, spring onions, cheddar, peas, tomatoes, spinach, smoked salmon, anything that goes in the dreaded omelette I suppose.

For what is essentially interesting scrambled eggs, that feed one: fry a small chopped onion in butter in a small frying pan until softened. Add three beaten and seasoned eggs, let it sit and cook for about 30 seconds, add chopped feta and parsley, scramble until cooked, stick a fork in it and repeat after me: 'I never liked omelettes anyway'.

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  1. i worked in a french cafe when i was eighteen and mastered a pretty good art of omelettes so here are my handy tips for your next attempt!!...... make sure you have plenty of butter in the pan to stop the egg from sticking (like the lurpak advert), when you come to put the egg in after the rest of the ingredients let the egg start to cook but keep pushing it from the sides of the pan so that the runny egg not yet cooked fills the space you have made, keep doing until all the egg is just evenly cooked, then turn out on the plate.....your picture reminds me of something the dog cooked up the other week ;o)xx