Sunday, 9 January 2011

Banging tunes and ….pork patties, last Thursday.

Radio 1 have jumbled their DJ’s round for the last week and its been amazing, literally life changing. As I listened to Annie Mac today I blasted through the drawer of credit card receipts I had been saving for a special occasion, nodding away to her dubstep beats as insanely as a 28 year old in a posh Mayfair office can manage (I was alone in said office FYI). And I get to rave it up cooking dinner each night, listening to DJs who don't usually get airtime until after midnight.

So I got home, safe in the knowledge that I had spent the last Monday food planning (writing a list of recipes I want to make, buying stuff from Tescos online, and running into Waitrose to buy the meat and fish). In my Good Life fantasies I dream of heading down to the Surbiton Farmer’s Market and gaily filling my trug full of handpicked wild mushrooms (which boyfriend doesn’t like but I love), juicy sausages from rare breed piggies and lovingly crafted beef and stilton pies from some ruddy cheeked farmer who’s wife made them all home made don’t you know. But I always forget which Saturday is the last Saturday in the month and in reality all the good stuff would be gone by the time I dragged my booze addled head down there.

Good God I ramble, anyway, along with the meat and fish shop I got some pork mince (v. cheap YESSSS!) and while whooping along to a soundrack of Kissy Sell Out (He played ‘drumstep’ then a re-mix of Paul Simon OMG) I made them into lovely patties by mixing them with grated apple (I had one in the fridge after a failed pheasant dish, don’t ask) and finely chopped onion, fry, then keep the patties warm while making a nice sauce by frying a bit more chopped onion, adding chopped black olives, big splash of water and crème fraiche. And OBVIOUSLY a massive load of chopped parsley. As my Dad always says: you can never have too much parsley. I bloody love parsley.

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