Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Steak Soup

Well not exactly, more like spicy beef ramen. But I like the idea of steak soup. Meaty.

Wanted to make this for a while after seeking solace in Wagamama's when only a massive bucket of beautiful, medicinal ramen soup will do, and it wasn't far off surprisingly, they don't use magic ingredients like I thought...

For two: marinate a piece of steak, I used rump (quite good because you use half the amount of meat you would use if just having steak on it's own) in a splash of sesame oil, grated Ginger and chopped garlic.

Meanwhile simmer 1lt beef stock (I only had chicken stock cubes, eurgh, but actually ok) with a chopped red chillli, bit more garlic and Ginger, big splash of soy sauce. Add two portions of egg noodles and a load of finely sliced cabbage. Fry steak on griddle to your liking, slice up. Fill bowls with soup and noodlely cabbagy goodness, top with sliced steak, garnish with sliced spring onions and slurp. You may need a bib.

This takes about 20 mins from start to finish and use any veg you have, mushrooms, sliced carrots etc, add lime juice and fish sauce to pep it up a bit, a great way to use things up.

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