Monday, 10 January 2011

Friday night sizzle

In January, boyfriend and I have this rediculously pathetic regime in search of giving the old liver a break. Basically there is to be no drinking at home during the week. Fridays do not count as week days and as the first Monday was a bank holiday we had a whole 3 days of drought. So we were very excited when Friday arrived. We had arranged to see our awesome ex-neighbours down the local. Boyfriend got stuck in a late meeting so he arrived at the pub just as mates had to leave (he is a pilot and apparently BA frown upon hangovers and grogginess etc). I was three pints deep into some lovely Stowford Press as we got a lift home with nice sober pilot friend.

I can't mention The Local without praising their legendary pork scratchings.They are cardiac-arrestingly good. Almost too salty, but really thats impossible with scratchings, and pretty much as good as my mum's crackling from back in the day. You always have to get two portions, one is never enough.

I was quite surprised that I managed to cook din dins when we got home, boy was starving, as was I, and dinner just happily fell into place. I made what the recipe called 'Korean Sizzling Beef' but it was really just a nice beef stirfry: slice up a nice bit of steak, marinate in soy sauce, mirin, toasted sesame oil, chillis, throw in some brocolli, serve on some rice and yum yum pig's bum. Steak in a stir fry seems much more exciting than the chicken what we normally have.

Boy wolfed if down and then announced that it wasn't substantial enough. I asked if he was still hungry. He said 'Well, no.'

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