Friday, 28 January 2011

Excess Sausage Cure Part 2

Somehow, there are STILL sausages in the freezer, what was the deal? Buy one get twenty free?? But there are worse things life can throw at you than your freezer being full of sausages, like the bow falling off your Ferragamo pumps (still weeping) or finding out your credit card bill is twice what you estimated it to be (still hyperventilating). To counteract the bad things life sends your way, a nice supper is essential, I live by this philosophy, and good grub will pick me up from the darkest of moments, bad food however, will ruin everything and prompt a massive sulk and possibly an argument with long suffering Boyfriend. Hence it's best to just eat nice things. Which can be anything from a Big Mac to a roast chook and everything in between, I ain't no foody purist type.

So in a final attempt to banish the sausages (I think there might be one pack lurking still in the bottom drawer...) it was time for sausage pasta. Sounds like something my sister would serve the kids she nannys but actually its brilliant and you can make it more grown up, depending on diners.

Take all the meat out of the skins of a pack of sausages, I cut a slit in the skin and just pop it out (buy nice ones, cheap ones are worryingly 'smooth'). Fry a chopped onion and some garlic, when softening add the sausage meat and mush it up and cook like you would mince for a nice bol. Keep it all frying away, get the pasta on, any is good, try to avoid cooking four times as much as you need, as I always do. Add some chilli to the meat and some chopped thyme and season. At this point there are choices to be made, either add grated parmesan and serve as it is, or add chopped tomatoes, or add some white wine and creme fraiche or combine both options. The sausage meat provides carnivorous lush factor and the rest is just sauce.

However, I must is scarily easy, when cooking this dish, to devour a whole pack of sausages between two, what with the mandatory and numerous taste tests the poor cook has to carry out, and even when you are good and leave some in the pan, there is always the 'well there's not quite enough for another meal' argument. Nom nom. January diet is going well then.

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