Tuesday, 11 January 2011

You say French Toast, I say Eggy Bread

Looks a bit like marmite toast, but its not.
Sunday morning, the cupboards aren't exactly bare but neither of us fancy lentils and marmite for breakfast. Eggy bread it is, whoop! The thrifty side of me rejoiced as it meant I was using up the stale end of the loaf of bread I bought last week and the eggs that needed using.

I think everyone in the world knows how to make the deliciously indulgent yet simple treat that is French toast. But just in case:

Whisk a couple of eggs in a shallow bowl/dish and season. Soak your bread in it for a minute or two then turn it over. In a frying pan with nice hot oil, fry each piece on both sides until the egg has cooked and gone crispy round the edges. Drain on kitchen paper if you're that way inclined.

The big debate is savoury or sweet. The boyfriend decided on the usual, a medly of brown sauce and ketchup, I went a bit crazy and chose honey (accompanied by groans and looks of disgust by the boy).

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